Cameo Glass Cobalt Blue Gooseberry Jar with Sterling Lid

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Cobalt in a window with the sun shining through is one of my favorite colors. This shaker has so much dimension against the sun, with beautiful cut details and dimension on the leaves and gooseberries, and an irregular pitted "ice chip" type of frosty ground. This is a lovely vessel.

Height including lid: 3.6" / 9.15cm
Height without lid: 3.2" / 8.15cm
Width: 2.5" / 6.35cm
Glass thickness around the edge varies from 3.2mm-3.6mm.

A similar vessel was attributed to Thomas webb c. 1903. I've seen this bottle paired with a muffineer shaker top and a perfume piston pump lid.

We haven't been able to identify the maker of this little jar. There's a small chip on the rim and some fleabites as shown in photos which are not visible when the top is on. The lid is monogrammed "EB" and marked STERLING and slightly dented in parts with minimal pitting. There's a small chip on a cobalt stem as shown in photos.

JM. 050220.002.Gooseberry