Plique A Jour Leaf Brooch

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This is one of my favorite pieces in the whole house. Plique a jour is very similar to cloisonne, with glass enamel filling in each little cell, but with plique a jour, there is no backing so it really lives up to its name. Plique a jour means, "letting in daylight." This leaf is delicate, with sweet green shading, and two pearl "acorns." It has a little cartouche on the back that I think says 800, for its low grade silver content. It has a standard C clasp. We're betting this piece is from China and dates from the 1920s, when Chinese export items were all the rage!

She measures 2.5" tall and 1.875" wide (6.35cm x 4.75cm). There are four empty cells as shown in pictures. I don't see any cracks, and I do not know whether this was an error in manufacture or post-purchase damage.

JM. 031820.001.LeafBrooch