Chinese Wedding Bracelet with Dragons, Coral, and Screw Ball Clasp

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This bracelet is a beauty to behold. On it, two dragons face each other, sharing a ball in their mouths. This ball not only serves as a secret clasp, but also represents the pearl that dragons commonly chase in Chinese mythology; it is a symbol for spiritual energy, wisdom, and prosperity among other things. This is a powerful image, and serves one well as a reminder to carry these energies into our relationships.

It is marked CHINA on inside on either side of the ball clasp. It appears to be silver plated brass. A lot of the silver has worn off. Missing a bezel from the side of each of the dragons, and one of the bezels is missing the coral. Lots of patina/tarnish.

It has a 7" interior circumference (17.75cm), and measures 2.5" across (6.35cm). It weighs 39 grams

Ref: JM. 061118.0002A.CWBracelet