Graduated Apple Coral & White Sponge Necklace

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Oooh these are so nice to wear! These multi-tonal earthy orange and white sponge coral beads are a delight.

They're interspersed with delicate spacer caps and tiny faceted beads, and hang from a gold-filled filigree clasp. Measuring 27.5" (69.85cm), they're a great length to wear over your favorite fall cardigan. The beads measure 8mm-22mm in diameter, and are in great vintage condition.

What is apple coral? Apple coral is a variety of sponge coral found primarily in the South China Sea. Unlike a number of other corals used in jewelry (which are endangered and should ONLY be purchased vintage or antique), sponge corals are plentiful and free of any export/import limitations.

Ref: HF.HF101416.004a.appleandwhite