Jadite Carving with Bat, Ling Zhi, Critter, Coins, and Fruit

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It's so neat when a stone carver can use the colors in the stone to enhance the scene they're carving. The bright green in this particular piece of jadeite is centered on a piece of ling zhi, a mushroom used in traditional Chinese medicine that—to me—seems to be imbued with a kind of magic. And the magic might be that different images keep popping out the longer you look at this beautiful piece! There's a bat in the lower corner and some kind of critter along the side, in addition to coins and a fruit that might be a Buddha's hand. This pierced piece is exquisite.

1.95" tall / 50mm
1.4" wide / 35mm
.2" thick / 5mm
It weighs .5 ounces / 13 grams

We used our Presidium Duo gem tester to determine that this piece is jadeite. We don't have a way to determine whether it has been color treated. This piece has been in the family collection for at least 20 years, but unfortunately we don't have a way to nail down how old it is either. It is in good condition.