About Us

Hester's Vintage was started by Julie Rogers, a long time North Portland resident who wanted to honor her grandmother, Hester who left behind an incredible legacy of kindness and a remarkable collection.

Hester Moore was born in Nebraska in 1907 and grew up in a life with very few frills. She fell for a man called Bob Bell while she was in beauty school. They played in a band together (Hester was a drummer) and their daughter Ann would sleep in the car while they performed.

Eventually Hester married Clifford Gunsolly, and they made their way to Portland, OR in the 1940s and ran a grocery store and a raspberry farm. After that, they got into real estate.

That’s when her collecting really took off! Hester helped to start several glass clubs in Portland and was hoarding things like cruets. She loved cruets! And also jewelry. And dolls. And cup plates. And Asian antiques. And a little bit of everything else, too!

Hester passed the love of beautiful things on to her daughter and granddaughter and the family filled up several North Portland houses with their collections. 

Julie and her small team have spent the last 7 years working through the contents of this massive estate, savoring all the delicious goodies we find. We work hard to make sure each treasure finds its person.

Research and creative reuse are some of our favorite things. We love when we see a crazed old doll turned into a lamp or when a clip on earring becomes the focal point of a magnificent necklace. We all have our own creative pursuits on the side as well.

We LOVE the community that has been following our journey through this estate. We invite our friends and neighbors to our tall, 1907 home in Arbor Lodge to a sale event four times a year. Those are the best - our customers are some of our favorite people in the world!

We hope to bring some of the joy we find in all of these wonderful treasures to you, internet friends! Enjoy your shopping and let us know if we can help with anything.

Email: hestersvintage@gmail.com

Phone:  (971) 303-9602‬ 

 Our 2020 live in person sale dates are postponed until the end of July due to pandemic! We will keep you posted. 

We are located in Arbor Lodge - Portland, OR 97217. The exact address will be released in the days prior to sale. Please visit our friends at ESF for preview pictures!