Snuff Bottle with Dragon Motif - Three-Color Peking Glass

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The dragons on this snuff bottle are so active and exciting! It is amazing to me what can be done with layers of glass and expert carving.

The cameo glass technique involves cutting away layers of colored glass. The outermost layer of glass was red on one side, yellow on the other. The only bits remaining of these colors are carved into bats. The second layer reveals blue lingzhi mushroom clouds and chilong dragons. The base is a milky white.

This measures 2.5" tall without stopper (6.35cm). The base measures 1"x .75" (2.54cm x 1.9cm).

The glass is in great vintage/antique condition, but the glass cap does not seem to be original to the piece. It doesn't have a spoon.

Ref: JM. 052319.0007A.BatsSnuff