Amethyst Bud Vase with Dimensional Enamel Lotus and Dragonfly

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The dimension the artists were able to achieve on these lotuses is incredible. They are so detailed, and then look at that wonderful dragonfly flying in on the amethyst neck of this elegant vase! We believe it dates to the late 1800s/early 1900s, perhaps by Moser or another Bohemian glass house like Harrach. It bears some resemblance to pieces by Legras Mont Joye, but we don't think it's French.

It measures 4.8" (12.2cm) tall, 1.35" across the flare of the mouth (3.4cm) and the base, which has a nice polished pontil is 1.75" (4.4cm). There is some residue on the inside, but it has no apparent damage. You will notice a long stretched bubble of glass that is not colored on the neck as shown in photos.

JM. 042621.001.LotusVase