Doeskin Purse with Art Nouveau Frame

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What a beautiful turn-of-the-century doeskin beaded bag! The Nouveau riveted frame is a stunning addition to the pretty black beadwork. 

This fringed chatelaine-style bag in nice antique condition, although we did need to repair one of the spots where the ring attaches to the frame. It feels pretty rock solid - I'm not sure you'd know there had ever been a repair there. There's also a bit of play to the latch - it closes, but a very thin coin would probably still be able to slip out. Additionally, one piece of fringe is missing and another has stretched out a bit.

The body of the purse measures about 4.5" x 4" (11.43cm x 10.16cm) and it's about 10"/ 25.4cm long including chain and tail.





Ref: HF052319.007a.doeskinbag