Lithyalin Bohemian Glass Vase

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Glass that it made to look like stone is called lithyalin, from Greek 'lithos' for stone. This piece is so cool, a substantial Chinese-style meiping plum vase shape, but we believe this is an early Bohemian piece from the mid-1800s— the glass appears to be too thick to be Peking. The marbled reds range from brick to a deep cherry burgundy. We've seen this color-way referred to as sealing wax red. 

7.75"  / 19.7cm tall

2.625"/ 6.67cm across the mouth

2.625"/ 6.67cm  across the base

It has a nicely ground and polished pontil, which also points to a Bohemian origin. The thickness of the glass appears to be 8-9mm.

Please note that the rim has been professionally ground to remove some chips and there is still one rough spot. Otherwise it is in good antique condition with no apparent damage. There are some defects from manufacture like burst bubbles and straw.





JM. 033018.0001A.Lithyalin