Male Cameo Pendant - Antique 10K Yellow Gold

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What a handsome cameo! This man has formal clothes, curly hair, and a true Van Dyke with a pointed mustache and a small neatly trimmed beard right in the middle of his chin.

The piece is finely carved. The shell has brown coloration on jacket, cheek and hair. He's hard to date (playing hard to get, maybe? Dedicated to his sweetheart who probably wore this?).

2" tall, 1.5" wide (5.08cm x 3.81cm)

There is a partly hidden loop on back. The setting has rough solder on the back—it looks like cameo was glued in. This piece was acid tested as 10K yellow gold, though it is not marked on back. There's a small amount of damage near this fella's hairline: final picture shows this through a 30x magnification loupe.

JM. 022819.0014a. Mancameopendant