Antique Threaded Lamp Shade

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We haven't encountered a lamp shade quite like this one. It's so delicate and cool! It would look at home in so many different contexts, it's quirky enough to find a home in an icy avant garde styled room, and sweet enough for a country cottage. It is pale pink around the skirt and has super tight external threading that gets slightly looser as the shade narrows to the base and fades to clear.

This shade does not have an extended neck, so please be aware that it will only fit some lamps. We believe this is Victorian and from England, but we haven't been able to find anything else quite like it in our research.

This shade has a neckless fitter that measures 1.75" across the outside, and the hole's diameter is 1.25" (4.44cm / 3.175cm). It is 3.5" tall and 6.125" across the skirt (8.9cm x 15.5cm)

There is some paint residue as shown in photos and you'll note some internal black spots that occurred during manufacture. There are some small chips to the inside of neckless fitter.

JM. 040219.0001A.ThreadedLampshade