Art Nouveau Art Glass Vase - Kralik Color Spots

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Bohemian Art Nouveau glass is so much fun!! I love the purple veins creeping down into a sea of pink and orange spots. The iridescent satin background gives an extra glimmer of magic to this piece! You could pluck this vase right out of the center of a tropical flower!

This is famed Bohemian art glass manufacturer Kralik's Color Spots decor. This motif blends the texture of molten pink frit glass with irregular purple stringer decoration for an organic, delicate effect.

It's in good condition with little evident wear and no major post-manufacturing damage, but there are a few small dings to the rim and some irregularities in the glass dating from its original manufacture.

It measures 7.5" tall x 3.25" in diameter at its widest point (19cm x 8.25cm).

Ref: HF.HF021317.007a.pallmerevase