Art Nouveau Silver Portrait Brooch

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This lady packs a punch— the silver plate is brilliant! Her profile has so much dimension, and her hair is on point! I'd love to know more about this little lady, she looks to me like she's just had a beautiful 16th birthday party and is taking a moment of closed-eye gratitude.

This bright beauty is a substantial size—2" x 1.5" (5cm x 3.75cm). It is not sterling silver, you can see where the plate has rubbed through to brass. There are some scratches on the front and back, but none of the scratches are a maker's mark. The simple C clasp, tube hinge and the way the pin reaches past the edge of the brooch makes us inclined to believe this dates from the 1890s. The sharp nose was going out of fashion and this lady's little button nose came into vogue.

JM. 032520.002.SilverLadyBrooch