Art Nouveau Thistle Vase in Cameo Glass with Acid Etched Signature

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The tall square is a great shape for the delicate purple and pink thistles that adorn this cameo glass vase! The colors are enamelled over the cut-out flowers.

5.125" tall / 13cm
3.625" wide / 9.2cm

Thickness of walls varies from 2.75 mm to 5.81mm.

Acid etched signature on bottom, which we can not read or get a decent photo of.

Similar style square vase pictured in book "Daum Nancy III" by Battier, page 62.

Bottom has scratches, and there is some gold paint loss from the rim. The final photo features a flaw from manufacturing toward the base of one side.

JM. 122117.0001A.ThistleVase