Beadwork Picture of Victorian Lovebirds, Framed

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This panel depicts a pair of blue lovebirds on a stand nearly touching beaks, one has theirs open, whispering a soft little nothing to the other (or, more likely, scolding as birdies so often do!). They are in a garden of roses and other lovely flowers with a beautiful border of golden swirlies. The frame is such a lovely complement to the piece, gilded with flowers.

This beautiful piece of beadwork was completed by Annie W, born January 15, 1857 (I think, anyway, seems she wrote 1822 and then decided that 1857 was a better year?). I also can't make out her last name, which is a shame. This piece of work deserves to be celebrated! Cheers, Annie W!

Annie must have had a whole lot of patience—It appears that there are 440 beads per inch in this detailed work! The frame measures about 6"x7"(15x18cm) and the piece itself is 4.75"x5.6" (12x14cm). The weight of the beads has caused a bit of warping toward the bottom of the frame, but my camera had a hard time capturing it. The frame has some small dings from age, and the interior of the frame is a little foggy in places.

JM. 080321.003.BeadPicture