Antique Casket in Bronze Caddy

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This brilliant blue egg box is nested perfectly in its bronze caddy and it's ready to upstage every other item on your dresser! A unique piece that we haven't seen the likes of before. We think it's likely that she's French in origin—Clichy, perhaps—from the 1910s. This lovely Victorian piece emulates the beauty of the opaline Palais Royal style boxes.

5.5" tall / 13.97cm
3.75" wide / 9.5cm
3.75" deep / 9.5cm
2.25" diameter opening / 5.71cm

It weighs 6oz and is in good antique condition, but note that the very bottom of the egg has some shelf wear and scratches. Near the top where the finial is attached there is a small dent from manufacture.

Ref: JM.JM091516.0003A.FrenchEgg