Dark Green Stone Snuff Bottle with Jade Topper

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This deep green stone is really striking—it has a great visual weight, intriguing visual texture, and hefty and cool to the touch. The stone tests on the low side of the nephrite spectrum according to our Presidium Duo, but we don't feel certain that's what it is. The dial rests comfortably in the garnet/tourmaline/iolite line.

This snuff bottle is in nice vintage condition - there's some light surface wear/scratching and some flea bites as shown in the photos, but it's a beautiful display piece. There's no cork or spoon on the topper, so we've attached it with a piece of museum putty. Please examine the photos closely before purchasing.

It's 2.25" tall including the stopper (5.7cm).

Ref: HF062119.002a.darkgreensnuff