Depression Glass Flared Sweet Pea Vase - Cambridge Primrose

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I love this vase!! With its wide, flared mouth, it would be beautiful for its intended purpose of holding sweet peas, but I love it with dried flowers, too. On its own it makes a great Art Deco statement, such a great bold color of the era. This glass was infused with a little bit of uranium which makes it glow under a black light.

Height: 7.25" / 18.4cm
Diameter across mouth: 8.5" / 21.6cm
Diameter across foot: 4" / 10.15cm
Width of opening for stems: ~2" / ~5cm

The unmistakable primrose color, opaque yellow with a green cast, is pictured on p.18 of The Cambridge Glass Book by Harold and Just Bennett. This amazing color and shape was produced by Cambridge Glass Company of Ohio in the 1920s.

Very good antique condition.

JM. 060820.002.FlareVase