Kingfisher Feather Hair Pin with Flowers

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Oooh! This short hair pin is a dream. The shape is just perfect with three intricate flowers. This hair pin has minimal feather loss. It has not been cleaned and has some dust gathered on it. The back is unmarked and the metal content is unknown. It's probably best to consider this a piece for your collection rather than for wear.

2" x 1" (5.25x2.5cm)
total length: 2.6" (6.5cm)

Tian-tsui means “dotting with kingfishers." This type of jewelry employs a cloisonné type of technique, they would create the outline in metal and then cut these tiny iridescent feathers and set them in the outlines made with the metal. This delicate, time-consuming process meant that this type of jewelry was generally only made for the ultra-elite, and rarely for export. These were made up until the 1940s when kingfishers nearly went extinct.

These will be secured to the bottom of a small box so the surfaces with the feathers do not touch anything. This box will be wrapped with lots of bubble wrap and set inside a bigger box so that no movement will occur during transport.

JM. 082421.005.ShortHairPin