Lipstick Red Lacquer Heart Brooch + Earrings

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This set is so freaking cute! It's a versatile kind of cute though. I think you could wear this little set and look like a stylish badass in the office or it can be the kind of kawaii adorable monochromatic cute that you have while having a stroll downtown. These pieces gleam! I think they're made of layers of paper, then carefully carved and lacquered over to preserve the gorgeous layering.

They come in the original Japanese box, which measures 3" x 1.25" x 1". The plastic of the box is a little scratched, but the earrings and brooch are in great shape. The heart-shaped brooch is 1.5" x 1.4" (37mm x 35mm). The earrings have a diameter of .75" (19mm) are actually a combo screw/clip on style that I've never encountered before. They are round with the carving being a teardrop shape. I don't think they've ever been worn before!

JM. 040521.001.RedSet