Northwood Syrup Pitcher, Blue Chrysanthemum Swirl

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What a beauty! I believe this piece was manufactured by Northwood Glass Company. In 1888 they introduced the "chrysanthemum swirl," the chrysanthemum referring to the shape of the base and the swirl is about the molded ribs doing a little spiral. Ours has a reverse swirl going on with the opalescent stripes going the opposite direction from the ribs. This is their gorgeous satin blue opalescent colorway.

It measures 7" tall. The original lid is cemented to the glass and is marked on the bottom of the thumb piece: "Pat Aug 26 81 Mar 22 82 Pat Appld For". The lid doesn't sit flush, it has a bit of an overbite if you will. The silver finish is worn, revealing the brass underneath. There is some discoloration around the handle, but otherwise this piece is in excellent condition with no chips/cracks/breaks.

JM. 070621.001.NorthwoodSyrup