Pair of Scent Bottles - Baccarat Rose Tiente

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What pretty bottles for your vanity, or even for your kitchen to store your most special oils! The rose tiente swirl scent bottles by Baccarat fade from cranberry to clear and were made by the famous French glassworks in the c.1920.

The taller is marked 130 on the lid and 76 on the base and measures:
6.5" tall / 16.5cm
2.25" across the base / 5.75m

The shorter is marked 13 on the base. There is no mark on the lid, and the stopper has one flat side—we think it was probably polished down. It measures:
5.5" tall / 14cm
2.1" across the base / 5.33cm

It has some chips (less than 1mm) on smaller one: one on neck, one on stopper, and one on base. See pictures for detail. Some residue inside.

JM. 122718.0002A.2 Bottles