Honey and Butterscotch Bakelite Two-Tone Bangles

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This fantastic pair of coordinating two-tone bangles makes a bold statement on any wrist. Color-blocked layers evoke both classic and contemporary, and they're tapered at the outer edge for maximum impact with minimum weight. Wear them together any time of year, or pair the cherry and ivory-tone with your bright spring looks and the honey and butterscotch with your cozy autumnal ones.

These are in good vintage shape, but there is some noticeable scuffing and scratching consistent with their age. This is particularly true of the red bangle - please see the last photo for a close-up of condition before purchasing. Sold as-is.

The inner diameters measure 2.5625" (6.5cm), and the outer diameters measure 3.375" (8.57cm). Both pieces are .3125" (.8cm) thick at the inner edge.

Tested for authenticity at time of listing.

Ref: HF.HF052716.002a.twotonebangles
275/ jar 10/18