Rudi Gernreich No-Back No-Bra for Exquisite Form

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Exquisite From has been in the bra game since the 1940s, specializing in packaged bras. It was a great gig through the 1950s when keeping your boobs under wraps was the norm. Then the 1960s happened and bralessness started to trend and nipples became all the rage. How can a bra company support this radical new way of existing in the world? Bring in gay Viennese Jewish refugee fashion designer Rudi Gernreich!

His whole deal as a designer was rejecting the sexualization of the human body. Maybe it was because Austrians were a people who loved being naked and Hitler banned nudity in 1938 when Rudi was just 16 years old. He became committed to reducing the stigma around having a body by making clothing that put the body out there. His thought about his fashions as social commentary, and focused on looks that embrace the natural form. In 1952 he made the first swimsuit without a rigid boob-holder! In 1962 he made the Monokini: a topless swimsuit! Exquisite Form brought him on in 1964 to create the No-Bra bra. Sheer mesh with no underwire for the lady who isn't quite ready to go braless yet!

One side of the tag says, "No Back Bra Designed for Exquisite form by Rudi Gernreich." The other side says:
100% Nylon
Elastic: Nylon, spandex
Style 7416

The elastic is a little loose and there are two gathered spots as shown in final photo.

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