Sandwiched Orange Peking Glass Snuff Bottle

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What brilliant colors on this bold piece of glass! This sandwiched glass snuff bottle is of flattened, ovoid—near circular—form. Similar bottles are dated to theQing Dynasty, Qianlong period c. 1750. This brightly colored red-orange glass is sometimes called realgar glass.

There is some residue inside. The serpentine stopper has a cork and bone spoon. It has has some chips (shown in photos) and probably not original to bottle.

Bottle is 5.9cm x 5.4cm / 2.3" x 2.15"

The majority of our snuff bottles have been part of this family's collection since the 1970s. We are unsure of exact age and origin of this one.

JM. 010420.001.OrangeSnuff