Sandwiched Peking Glass Snuff Bottle with Spots

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Sandwiched glass is so pretty, this one has a layer of glass with an amber ground encased in opaque glass that's been made to look like nephrite. It gives this bottle the depth and dimension of stone but is such a cool feat of glass mastery! This bottle is a faceted geometric shape and the base is in the shape of a hexagon.

This little bottle has snuff residue inside and we are selling it AS IS - there is damage to the neck and rim, see photos. There are some surface scratches and several flaws to glass. It's likely this stopper is not original and it is missing the cork and spoon. We have adhered it to the bottle with removable putty.

4.9 cm tall (1.9")
4 cm wide (1.58")
neck is 1.7cm (.7")

Similar bottles are from the Qing Dynasty, Qianlong period (1700s). The majority of our snuff bottles have been part of this family's collection since the 1970s but unfortunately we do not have provenance for this one.

JM. 052119.001A.ButterscotchSnuff