Stabilized Sugilite and Lepidolite Carved Animal Necklace

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The purples on this necklace are sooo lovely, from the pale lilac of the lepidolite (or purple chalcedony?) fetishes to the bold stabilized sugilite heishi to the darker mottled natural sugilite rondelles. The carvings are exceptional and I love the simplicity of the lines of the central bear figure contrasted with the more highly detailed and dimensional frogs, turtles, rams, foxes, and bears that adorn the three strands of this necklace.

The stones this necklace is made from are VERY soft. Some of the soft sugilite beads are chipped. One of the bears was repaired with E6000 after the head broke off, you can see this detail in the final photo.

The piece measures 27" long and the longest of the jacla drops is 5". It is finished with a hook clasp and stamped silver cones. There are no indicates of purity or maker, we suspect this is a piece from the late 1900s and that it is Native American in style but not made by traditional Native American fetish carvers.

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