Stone Table Screen on Wood Stand

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Plums and pomegranates and a bird decorate this beautiful table screen. Originally these screens were important objects for scholars (though not one of the Four Treasures of Study!)... they would keep the breeze from messing up their writings. Later they became popular among the “educated elite” in the 1300s. Folks would look to them for meditation and inspiration. Or maybe some of them were more like me and would get distracted and look at how pretty the light is shining through and they’d zone out and become a bird flying into a translucent green world of peach-pomegranate trees. We imagine this single panel example with applied carved stonework is 20th century.

It would not be large enough to serve as a DnD screen.

We have tested the stone with a Presidium Duo tester, and it appears the base rectangle is soapstone and most of the applied pieces are various forms of quartz and jasper. Small fissure on top right. The wooden stand has a broken portion as shown in photo.

Overall measurements are: 9.25" tall, 6" wide, and 3" deep / 23.5cm x 15.25cm x 7.62cm

The stone plaque measures 6.125" x 4.625" / 15.56cm x 11.75cm

JM. 100818.0003A.Screen