Pink and Blue Footed Ewers with Raised Enamel and Thorn Handles

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This pair of vases was handblown in America in the Victorian era. The shape is elegant, a long thin neck erupting in ruffles at the top, tapering down to a satisfyingly round bulb, resting atop a fancy one of those hourglass dresses a Victorian lady might be wearing!

They each have raised enamel decorations on one side, which orients them directionally so the spouts face away from each other. The decoration is a mustard orange-yellow, and the flowers are white. The pink one's flowers are slightly more elaborate, decorated with blue centers and a yellow dot.

The pink one has several "thorns" on the handle, and the blue only has one. Each has a floriform five-petalled foot.

Blue's height is 10.5" / 26.67cm

Pink height: 9.75" / 24.77cm

Foot: 3.5" / 8.89cm

They are in excellent antique condition, exhibiting only minor wear typical of age.