White Speckled French Tulip Globe Lamp Shade

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This Victorian Art-Nouveau lamp shade has an airy feel like a curtain blowing in the breeze. It has a lot going on to achieve this effect though! It has a linenfold texture at the top and through the ruffled skirt and a hobnail type pattern through the body. There is end-of-day type white spatter below a casing of clear satin glass. Just gorgeous!

collar/fitter: 2.25" / 5.7 cm
skirt: 6.75" / 17.2 cm
height: 5.5" / 14 cm

Other than some small chips at the fitter, this piece is in good antique condition with no apparent damage to glass. There are some inherent flaws like internal bubbles and there is a glob of glass on the interior that is a darker color from the rest and some other less visible darker spots. The skirt height varies, so it does not sit flat on a table (but that's not how lamp shades are supposed to work anyway).

JM. 061319.0003A.WhiteShade